Social Media Madness…

For Future PR Practitioners

The use of social media in public relations has resulted in a number of drastic changes in the ways in which news is gathered and distributed. I’ll mainly focus on the fast paced Internet that has revolutionized social media into a tangled web of fact and fiction.

News has come along way since the days of snail mail and telegrams. While such mediums as snail mail and landlines are still used to communicate, quicker mediums are overtaking the world. Texting, Skyping, and Tweets are now making the news and carrying the never-ending flow of new information. As stated by Twitter has 75 Million users with 10-15 Million of those Tweeters having active accounts, which means they constantly Tweet ( Therefore, with millions of people tuning into this instantly updateable website on their computers or smart phones it is no wonder news travels fast.

Through the Internet and onslaught of advertising everywhere it is easy to see why PR practitioners have to be on the up and up about all sorts of topics. Some of these topics are how to promote news topics and what makes news. Websites such as, (, and, (, are great websites to help develop a better understanding of public relations and what it takes to get your story out there.

A firm grasp on how quickly news travels is essential in public relations. One small story good or bad can travel the world and back in the blink of an eye with Internet and texting capabilities. This is one of the hardest things to learn as a young public relations practitioner; words matter. Therefore gaining an understanding of how and what to write when and whom to send it to are fundamental.

Once a complete understanding for the fundamentals is gained one may fully utilize social media to find a job in public relations. Through such search engines as and one may find job postings or websites detailing which public relations firms are ranked among the best. Websites such as list out firms and rankings.

This is a good place to start then such social media sites as allows one to track and follow various agencies to see their work and how people feel about them. Once one acquires a public relations career it then becomes ones’ time to continually update ones knowledge of the field and all it pertains to.


One response to “Social Media Madness…

  1. Hi Kathy, Good sources, but incorporate the links into your text a little better. I’ll show good examples in class. Your writing could be a little more concrete and a little less abstract. Get information from your sources (what did you learn?) instead of just saying they are good sources.

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