As I embarked on my email blogging blog assignment, I did, as all hard working public relations students do, I “Googled it”. Upon Googling,

I was not surprised to find a wealth of knowledge on emailing. For a girl who has written thousands of emails in her lifetime I never fully understood or respected the amount of work that can and perhaps should go into forging a well-crafted email.

After skimming some of the 433 million Google results I decided to dip into some of the sites dedicated to beginners. Upon further examination I found the beginner sites like to not quite fit the bill. As I continued my search I spotted a listing and found in the second paragraph the approach I was looking for.

In “How To Write An Effective E-Mail” by Susan Adams her cardinal rule for writing emails is to “assume that e-mail is public”. I completely agree with and want to emphasize that point made by Adams at

People in today’s fast paced society of zero privacy tend to forget that anything and everything sent online might be read. Adams summarizes from three different experts in etiquette fields and she captures the main points well. For instance, she notes what Will Schwalbe, Mark Hurst, and Peter Post all agree on.

These main points include quickly getting to the point of the email and keeping everything short and sharp. However, Adams also stressed that the experts disagree on a number of things including emoticon usage and formal greetings.

This got me to thinking about the importance of common courtesy and polite behavior and how these things should play a key role in writing an email. Emails should include some formal greeting and salutation if it is a formal or business email. Furthermore, emoticons should be used sparingly and wisely in e-mails since tones are not always received correctly across this medium.

For those of you lacking emoticon smiley knowledge a helpful website is blog based because it details which keys to use to create which facial expression. However, smiley’s aside I found my favorite website to be

This website highlights the importance of better business writing and has great tips for improving emails. Some of the finer points include writing in “simple direct English,” and check your email before you send it. These are important because one always wants to convey one’s ideas properly and this is best done with clear concise writing.

Overall it is essential to remember your manners while writing emails whether for public relations or personal business. Concise, clear, politely toned writing are the keys to successful writing.


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