Swing and a miss…..you don’t want to be “that guy”

Pitching Blogs

Pitching blogs is a key fundamental crucial to surviving in today’s news industry. As a future public relations practitioner pitching blogs is nothing short of intriguing. I again entered the Google realm and I stumbled upon an enjoyable article. From B.L. Ochman who was unknown to me until I researched the art of pitching blogs.

According to Bloomsberg Businessweek, B.L. Ochman is president of whatsnextonline.com and she has worked for a number of well-known companies such as Ford, IBM, Mcgraw-Hill, American Greetings and more. More news on her is found at http://www.businessweek.com/bios/B_L_Ochman.htm.

Ochman’s article was enjoyable because the main theme was based around being more personable with bloggers. This being such a simple, logical thought is often overlooked. Furthermore, Ochman’s article posted at http://www.globalprblogweek.com/archives/the_pr_lessons_of_a_.php details some tips to pitching blogs.

One that struck home for me was why write to bloggers in an uptight voice when blogging is centered on conversational writing and comfortable speech. Ochman hits the nail on the head here because, as she mentions, bloggers like to rag on public relations people so why make it easier for bloggers. Treating them like the humans they are instead of the mediums they can be is essential.

Another helpful article at http://www.dailyblogtips.com/9-tips-to-pitch-your-blog-successfully/ is written by blogger/journalist Brandon J. Mendelson. The reason Mendelson is included here is because he is a successful blogger and more importantly because at the end of his first paragraph in this article he emphasizes the importance of persistence. As a firm believer in hard work, I respect anyone who understands that hard work is fundamental to succeed in any aspect of life.

Another reason this article is beneficial is because Mendelson gives unique examples and precise tips. For example, everyone knows everyone receives a million emails a day so a catchy headliner and a brief message are beneficial to ensuring your pitch gets a good look.

Overall it is necessary and useful to be a good journalist while pitching blogs. By that I mean take a little time to research the blogger or bloggers you are targeting and make them feel like significant individuals when delivering the pitch.


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