Audio Visual Era


Audio and visuals are often extremely effective in helping public relations practitioners. This is especially true when the reputations of major companies are altered after huge mishaps. For instance, Toyota and its numerous break issues lead to the release of this ad, describing Toyota’s return to “Commitment” and quality.

Audio and visual elements add a personal touch to statements given out. Whether one is showing off a new product or trying to manage a crisis audio and video may be essential to connecting an audience to a campaign. A consumer or fans’ experience is enhanced when hearing the sincerity in ones’ voice or seeing the dedicated look on ones’ face during an audio or visual demonstration.

However, when one does not come off properly, audio and visual aides can have the reverse effect on a public relations campaign. The Tiger Woods’ Scandal is a prime candidate for visuals not fully serving their intended purpose. Woods’ apology was taken by some to be insincere and rehearsed. You can make your own determination of his true intentions at

While visuals are not always beneficial, professional illustrator and strategic communicator, Guy Downes, lists a number of ways in which visuals are utilized. If used correctly the visuals will aide in public relations issues. As seen at, visuals are used in public relations whether it is integrated into presentations or used in business pitches.

One of the most random ways in which audio and visuals are helping public relations is through websites like As most know, youtube is an absolute plethora of hit-and-miss videos. Surprisingly, one can find educational advice from public relations representatives across the board. For example, public relations genius, Glen Selig, of “The Publicity Agency” is on youtube giving great advice to beginning public relations practitioners. His youtube link is

This link is a good look at how the president of a top public relations agency is getting his name out there through various audio and visual techniques. As mentioned on his website,, he uses twitter, facebook, youtube, his website, and a variety of other techniques to engage audiences to him and his company.

These are just some of the looks into the never-ending usage of visual and audio aides in public relations. Anyone may jump online and further enhance their knowledge of this topic. Video links are posted on every search engine page imaginable.


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