Social Networking and PR

Social networking and PR are so completely interwoven it is nearly impossible to have one without the other in this technological age. A great example of this is seen in my Issues in Public Relations class where we are constantly questioning how well social media was utilized by different public relations campaigns.

Prime examples are discussed daily in class as the class evaluates which cases brought in the most Facebook “likes” or determines the most “tweeted” about topic. The more talked about and more “liked” topic translates into the more effective campaigns. Public relations is a numbers game and the more people that know about and talk about a topic the more likely a topic or message will be successful in reaching its targeted audience.

Social networking has been best defined for me through my public relations courses as a way in which one communicates one’s ideas or messages over a medium that connects millions of people through common interests or ideas. Networking has made it easier for businesses and individuals to connect more personally to their clientele and potential clientele.

In an article from, published by The New York Times, there are helpful hints on how to use social networking sites to help with public relations. The article titled, “How to Use Social Networking Sites for Marketing and PR,” is found at

The networking article mentions advice from Krista Canfield, the public relations manager for LinkedIn, a website dedicated to business professionals developing their career portfolios. Canfield instructs people to use the social media sites wisely. Taking contacts seriously and valuing the connections are beneficial. Additionally, selectiveness when it comes to what is posted and to whom is wise. Long-winded “notes” and too much information at once are shunned.

As always in public relations the theme seems to be short snippets of info, keeping everything direct and to the point. On blogger Christina Warren shares her insights on the effectiveness of social networking and media in relation to public relations. Warren’s article at

Warren further mentions the White House’s presence on Twitter, Facebook, blogging and YouTube. This is just another demonstration of how social networking has connected the globe from the top of the political ladders to the structural floor of the common citizen.

Jeremy Pepper, also mentioned throughout Warren’s article, describes the importance of conversational marketing. This is speaking more personably to clientele. Further description of Pepper is found at LinkedIn, Pepper is a Public Relations professional who has been utilizing social media for years and has somewhat mastered the ability to communicate.

This is exactly why any good public relations professional fully recognizes the benefits of social media. After recognizing its benefits as a PR rep one must then learn how to properly use the channels in today’s society. From the 160-character Tweets to the viral videos and fbook chat, learning how to maneuver through the limitless communication routes is vital to a successful career.


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